Completed topics 2009

Yoon Sang BAE, What determines Capital Structure: Firm-and-Country-Specific factors; Evidence from Asia Pacific region.

Christopher David BURTON, The Accuracy and Bias of Equity Analysts

Melissa Yue CHIN, Investigating the Impact of Contracts For Difference on Option Expiration-day Effects

Woosung Edward CHOI, The empirical examination on the association between analyst reputation and the investment value of recommendations in Australia

Lee James CROSSINGHAM, The Temporal Stability of Swap Spread Determinants

Max Otto ECROYD, Cost Drivers In Australian Fund Management: Survey Evidence

Matthew James FIDGE, Transmission of returns and volatility across international real estate securities markets: A multivariate GARCH approach

Lucas James GODFREY, An Increasingly Risky Allocation: The Australian Managed Fund Industry 1988-2009

Ozcan HASSAN, Testing for an optimal mine life in the gold sector

Choy Yeing HO, Tax-Induced Trading around Important Dates for Off-Market Share Buybacks in Australia

Ying Yi HO, Regulatory Uncertainty and its Effect on Market Reactions to Rate Case Decisions

Yi-Sheng HO, Investor reactions to CEO race and gender: an examination of CEO appointment announcements

Erling Haugan KISE, Efficiency in the Online Sports Betting Market: Evidence from the 2008/2009 FA Premier League

Ling LI, Human Capital Costs of Bankruptcy, Unemployment and Firm Leverage

Richard Xin LIM, 52 Week High Momentum in the Chinese Stock Market

Wei Fen LIM, Who is Afraid of Shareholders? An Empirical Analysis of the SEC’s Proposed Rule Facilitating Shareholder Director Nominations

Adam Nickolas LOIZOU, Credit Ratings and CEO Compensation: Do CEO’s Require Danger Money

Matthew James MILLER, Supplier Return Behaviour after Major Customer Shocks

Ian Cameron MITCHELL, Information Content of Convertible Debt Contract Design

Timothy Dale MONAHAN, How effective are electricity futures in hedging electricity price risk? An investigation into the PJM Interconnection

Hung Ki Keith PANG, Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns: Australian Evidence

Matthew PAWLUK, Maritime shipping costs and Australian industry equity returns

Andrew Run TAN, Can the Purchasing Power of Major Oil Exporting Countries’ Exchange Rates Predict Oil Prices?

Yi Faye TAN, Information Asymmetry and its Effect on Underpricing in Reverse Leveraged Buyouts

Dominic Timothy TAYLOR, Under the hammer: Financial returns & price determinants of the Aboriginal art auction market and its role as an alternative asset

Adrian TOO, What makes barbarians hungry? A study into the relationship between target firm characteristics and transactional pricing behaviour amongst leveraged buyouts

Daniel Ivo VERBLUN, To resume or not to resume? The information content of insider trades around dividend omissions

Yue WANG, Institutional Ownership and Overinvestment

Zai Liang Liam WANG, Who buys whom? A study of the market to book ratio differential between bidders and targets in Australia

Liang YU, Firm Performance, Board of Directors in China’s Split Share Structure Reform

Li-Ren YU, A theoretical investigation into the price & liquidity discover roles played by stockmarket preopening periods in the possible presence of manipulation