Completed topics 2008

Macarius BUCCELLATO, Partially Protected Shares. Are They Correctly Priced?

Lanny CHANDRA, The Effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the Use of Anti-Takeover Provisions in IPO Firms

Jiahao CHEN, Investor Demand for Dual-listed IPOs and Aftermarket Performance

Raymond Po-Sing CHOO, Value Price Ratios: A Portfolio Approach to Returns Predictability

Wong Yuen CHOW, Candlesticks in Emerging and Developed Futures Markets: Are Two-day Reversal Patterns Predictable and Profitable?

Chamath DE SILVA, Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Valuing a Blank Check

Xavier Gerard EID, The Profitability and Characteristics of Merger Arbitrage in an Australian Setting

Yen Min GOH, The Accuracy and Robustness of Real Estate Price Index Methods

Sasha Shirley GU, Do Australian banks benefit from Revenue Diversification

Ta-Loong Lyndon HENG, Information Asymmetry and Adverse Selection in Acquisition Markets: The Role of IPO-based Signals and Advisor Reputation

Sarah Amanda HEWER, An Investigation into Private Equity Consortiums

Stephanus HIERONYMUS, The Impact of Cross Delisting on Security Prices and the Cost of Equity

Wenqing Wendy HU, The Impact of Merger Activity on Executive Compensation of Acquiring Firms

Weiliang JIANG, Testing and Comparing Stock Returns Predictability between Dividend Yield Ratio and Total Payout Ratio: The Australian Evidence

Wei Min Edwin KOH, The Long Run Performance of Off-Market Share Buybacks

Jason KORMAN, Underpricing in Private Equity Backed IPOs

Adhi LAKSMANAPUTRA, The Analysis of Cross-Market Dynamics between Gold and Platinum Futures : Evidence from the Toyko Commodity Exchange

Mo Wen LI, Does Hedging Create Value for the Australian Oil and Gas Companies? Evidence from Australian Major Oil and Gas Producers

Fei Zhi LIU, Capital Structure and Managerial Overconfidence

Yi Ling Michelle Joy LOW, Value at Risk of Stock Portfolios: A Practical Alternative to RiskMetrics

Wei Chiang Jason NG, The Effects of Privatisation Activity and Country Risk on Emerging Stock Market Development

James A NUNN, Stock Market-Driven Acquisitions in Australia

Grace Ching Zhen PHANG, Taxes and the Early Exercise of Call Options: Australian Evidence

Daniel SELIOUTINE, A Solution to the Overinvestment Problem Intrinsic to Overconfident Managers

Mitheran SELVENDRAN, Are There Still Benefits from International Diversification? – The Australian Perspective

Wen Ming TAN, The Predicative Power of Australian Morningstar Ratings: Do Morningstar’s “5 star” Rated Funds Offer Greater Net Returns Persistently?

Yu Ki Eric TONG, The Relation Between B/M, Irreversibility and Return: An Explanation of Value Premium

Andrew David TRUMBLE, Options Backdating in Australia

Yun Jung TSAI, The Impact of Increased Derivative Concentration at US Commercial Banks upon the US Financial Sector Risk

Choon Kit Billy WONG, Corruption: Is it Really Bad for Business?

Patrick Boyd WYATT, Dividend in Australia: An Historic Perspective

Jessica XU, The Superior Information and Forecast Ability of Reputable Analysts’ Bold Forecasts over other Forecasts

Yun ZHANG, The impact of Oil Price Shocks on the Stock Returns of Oil Supply Chain Industries

Jian Winter ZHAO, Does Option-based Compensation Promote Bank Risk?

Kai ZHOU, Does market liquidity explain asset pricing? – An investigation through the Chinese discount puzzle