Completed topics 2007

Robert BELL, Style Switching within the S&P 100

Silvia BORZINI, Re-examining the Dual Listed Company Anomaly - A Case Study of BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto

Samuel FELMAN, The Applicability of Fundamental Indexation to the Australia's Banking Sector

Dermot GRIFFIN, Post-bid performance of Takeover Targets Following Withdrawn Bids: Australian Evidence 1990-2004

Kim Seng HO, Homogeneity of the Size Effect Across Industries

Dane KENNEDY, Has Private Equity Changed? Targets of US Leveraged Buyouts in the 1980s and Today

Martin KENNEDY, An Option-Based Re-Investigation of Announcement Period Returns and Signals for Australian Tender Offers

Ashwin KHOTKAR, The Listing of Foreign Firms - The Case of London's AIM

Che Kiat (Diana) LAW, The Influence of Institutional Ownership Composition on the Liquidity Impact of Stock Splits: An Australian Event Study

James LEARNER, Index Returns and the Australian Business Cycle: The Impact on Diversification

Yinan LI, Natural Rubber and Crude Oil Futures on Tokyo Commodity Futures Markets: Cross Market Return-Volume Relation

Xing LIU, Testing the Stock Return Predictability by Debt to Equity Ratio through the Boferroni Q-test

Yik Choong LOH, An Adjusted Lintner Model for 21st Century Australia

Andrew McCUSKER, Multiple Choice? An Industry Level Analysis of Relative Valuation using Multiples

Mila MINDOVA, Effects of Gold Price Hedging on Firm Value in the Australian Gold Mining Industry

Ashley NASIAKOS, The Performance of PIN around Earnings Announcements: Australian Evidence

Daniel NORMAN, Predicting the Share Repurchase Behaviour of Australian Corporations

Monica OCTAVIA, Determinants of Bank Capital Structure in Developing Countries: Regulatory Capital Requirement Versus the Standard Determinants of Capital Structure

SU-Huey (Stephanie) ONG, Intermediaries in the IPO Process and their Impact on Underpricing: What do Investment Banks Truly bring to the Table?

Jia Ning PHUA, Securitisation of Higher Education

Jonathon PLATT, Superannuation: How Saving for the Future Affects the ASX

Diana SARI, Examining the Effect of the G-Index on Firm's Leverage: A Corporate Governance Study

Michael SMOLYANSKY, Cash Financed Acquisitions: The Source of Funds and Acquirer Returns

Sheehan TAN, Correlations Around the Turn-of-the-Year

Ken WONG, The Effect of Non-Executive Financial Directors on Firms' Financial Decisions

Li XIE, Operating efficiencies of Chinese Commercial Banks: An Empirical Investigation

Min YU, Do Takeover Targes Underperform their Competitors? Evidence from Australia on Market Takeovers

Bo ZHANG, Worldwide Equity Market Integration: A Sector by Sector Analysis

Qian ZHANG, A Valuation-Based Test of Equity Market Timing