Completed topics 2005

John AGAR , Earnings Quality, Unexpected Volume and Opinion Divergence: A Study of Post-earnings Announcement Drift

Cameron ALLAN , The Effect of Acquisition Strategies on Earnings Growth

Regina Sari BASUKI , An Investigation of the Determinants of Risk Exposures in Australian Gold-mining Industry

James BEAUMONT , Empirical Evidence Regarding the Significance of Idiosyncratic Risk on Australian Equity Returns

Matt BOYLE , Stockholder Reactions to CEO Successions in Large Australian Companies

Xiao CAO , The Implications of Delisting Bias for the Size Effect and the January Effect in CRSP’s Nasdaq Data

Xilu (Nancy) CHEN , Determinants of the Choice of Payment Method: Comparing Australian and Japanese Mergers and Acquisitions

Yen Chu CHOO , Intra-industry Information Transfers in the Australian Banking Sector

James CROWLEY , The Sensitivity of Australian Banking Stocks to Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Risks: An Event Study Approach

Jessica CURTIS , A An Investigation of Break Fees in Australian Mergers

Andrew DAGLEY , Australian Initial Public Offering Mispricing and Underwriter Market Share and Competition

Ashkan EIMANY , Linear and Nonlinear Exchange Rate Determination using Fundamentals: Evidence from Australia

James FIDLER , Home Bias in Australian Equity Portfolios and Information Asymmetry Effects

Guy FISHER , Is the Dow Jones Predictable?

Harry HONG , The Effect of Media Commentaries on Mergers

Brendan HOUNG , Chih-ha Bid Ask Spread Cost Components and Dual-listed Companies: Rio Tinto, BHP and Brambles

Nge Kong LAI , 52-Week High Momentum in International Indices

Wendy PANG , Marching to a Different Drum: Initial Public Offerings of ASX Listed Property Trusts

Tricia QUEK , The Role of Analyst Recommendations in Mergers and Acquisitions in Australia

Neha RAO , The Impact of Australia’s Recent Corporate Governance Initiatives on Shareholder Wealth: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions

David SAKTI , Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations of Nonparametric Models of the Australian Short Rate and the Market Price of Interest Rate Risk: An Empirical Study

Gerson SALDANHA , Hedging, Speculating and price Volatility in Commodity Futures Markets

Zuoxin SEAH , Jason 52-Week High Momentum Profits: A Transaction-Costs Based Analysis

Minda SHI , Capital Investment, Tobin’s Q and Stock Market Mispricing – Evidence from Chinese A-B Share Premium

Chia Mei Keiretsu SHIH , Membership, Market Timing and Capital Structure

Stefanie TANUWIDJAJA , Should Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 be Renewed? An Event Study Approach

Daniel TAYLOR , Who Really Wins in Stock Market Driven Acquisitions?

Aaron TIANG , The Effect of Ownership Structure on Firm Payout Policy: An Empirical Analysis of Australian Firms

Robert TSERIOTIS , An Examination of pricing Dynamics in Housing Markets using Factor Volatilities: Evidence from Sydney

Philip VERRROCCHI , Stock Price Response of Rivals of Takeover Targets and the Source of these Returns

Inggrid YAUWALUDDIN , The Effect of Female Directors on Firm Performance and Risk: An Australia Evidence

Wei ZHANG , Market Sentiment, Divergence of Opinion and Stock Returns

Leyi ZHU , Relative Valuation and Stock Return