Completed topics 2001

Ivailo Arsov, Contingent Claims Analysis of Deferred HECS Liabilities.

Lin Yi Bi, Individual Trading Volume Lead/Lag Relations between the ASX and ASX Option Market for Eight Selected Stocks.

Ally Bonakdar, Corporate Diversification and Effect on Firm Value.

Jeremy Bostock, How do Australian Equity Values Change Due to the Offer of Convertible Notes?

Terence Chang, The Information Content of Special Dividends: Australian Evidence.

Stuart Connell, Valuation of Petroleum Reserves: A Real Options Approach.

Sophearom En, Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Predictability in the Australian Stock Market.

Jonathan Garland, The Divergence and Credit Ratings Effects of Spin-Offs.

Hayden Gaunt, Under and Overreaction to Market Signals: Implied Terminal Values and Consensus Forecasts.

Tom Grzyb, Internet Firms: Back to Fundamentals?

Frank Heckes, The Graveyard in the Sky: A Behavioural Inquiry into the Existence, Formation, and Persistence of Price Barriers.

Edwina Ip, Intra-Industry Effects of Cross-Border Acquisitions in Australia.

Thomas Irvine, An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of Online Trading Upon Stock Price Dynamics.

Charlie Jung, Dividend Reinvestment Plans and their Impacts on Shareholder Wealth.

Michael Kelly, Income Securities: Yield Spreads, Pricing and the Impact of Regulation.

Chern Ling Kok, Firm Characteristics, Dividend Increases and On-Market Share Buybacks: New Australian Evidence.

James Lord, An Investigation into the Employment of Multiple Australian Equity Funds of the Same Style.

Min-Jie Lou, Executive Compensation and Corporate Performance: Australian Evidence.

Andrew Mcgregor, Informed Trading in Options Markets Prior to Takeover Announcements.

Shaun Mckinlay, Is Volatility Risk Priced in the SPI Futures Option Market?

Vivek Miranda, The Rreverse Role of Executive Stock Options in Share Buybacks and Market's Response.

Patrick No, Style Investing: Incorporating Growth Characteristics in Value Stocks.

Dominic Picone, Integration of the Australian Equity Market: An Examination of the effect upon Dual-Listings.

Esmond Smith, Artificial Neural Networks: A Comparative Analysis of Performance.

Nicholas Speer, Insider Trading around Annual Earnings Announcements.

Victor Tan, Exchange Rate Shocks, International Competition and Common Industry Impact: A US - Australian Industry Analysis of Stock Returns.

Fraser Thompson, Firm Survival in the Internet Industry: How to Tell the Baby from the Bath Water with dot-coms

Liang-Liang Tiong, The Eruo Currency Effect: An Investigation into Structural Changes and Currency Risk Exposure for Banks.

Yeun Ling Wee, An Empirical Investigation of Stocks from Different Industries using a Disaggregate Approach.

Wayson Wong, Foreign Mergers and Acquisitions and Exchange Rate Dynamics.

Wei Yue, Exploring the Relevance of the Hedging Pressure Risk in the Futures Markets: An Investigation on Normal Backwardation in Futures Market via the Hedging Pressure Theory.