Completed topics 2000

Jayan Balakumar, The Impact of the New Business Tax Reforms on the Dividend Policy of Listed Companies - A Tax Clientele Study.

Damian Beare, Do Merges Improve Corporate Performance?

Jaideep Bedi, "I SPI with my Little Eye" An Empirical Investigation into Expiration Effects in SPI Futures Contracts.

En Te Chen, Ex Ante Expectation on Use of Proceeds and the Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings.

Yu Min Chua, Analyst Recommendations in Australia: Information Gathering and Investment Banking Relationships.

Mageret Ely, Futures Hedging Methodologies with Application to the Malaysian Market.

Amelia Fincher, Biotechnology Valuation: A Real Options Model.

Guy Grossbard, The Great Australian Pie: An Analysis of PIE Warrants.

Jonathan Holroyd, An Exploration of the Evidence Surrounding the Effects of Heuristics on Investor Behaviour; and a New Theory of Investor Sentiment.

Phillip Ingle, An in Depth Analysis of Option Contract Adjustment Procedures.

Steven Katz, Predicting Takeover Targets: An Analysis of the Relationship between Financial Attributes, Takeover Premiums and the Likelihood of Target Acquisition.

Tamasin Kenzie, Valuation Considerations in the Licensing of Biopharmaceutical Drug - A Real Options Approach.

Nicole Lightfoot, Agency Problems in Australian Managed Funds: Retail vs Wholesale Funds.

Su-Ping Liu, The Impact of Mega Mergers on Industry Competitors.

Wai Ki Liu, The Impact of Macroeconomic Announcements: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Different Industries.

Tim Low, Re-Examination of the Size Effects in Australia: The Effects of Industrial Classification.

Gilbert Ng, Modeling the Impact of Volatility Risk in the Return Generating Process.

Andrew Nolan, Measuring Behavioural Risk Factors in Australian Equity Booms.

Stephen O'Shaughnessy, The Effect of Tax and Legislation Changes on the Market Value of Dividends and Franking Credits.

Kunal Panchal, An Analysis of Failed Merger Bids and their Impacts on Rivals.

Rhys Petheram, The Financial Performance of Ethical Screening in Australia.

Graham Strain, The Impact of Index Fund Trading and the Effects of Changing the ASZ Index.

Jean Tan, Momentum Investing in Australia.

Steve Tan, Do Equity Price Premia Predict Political Risk?

Wynne Tan, Another Look at the Small Firm Anomaly: The Australian Evidence.

Anna Taylor, Book Building vs Fixed Price Offers: An Analysis of the Effect of Information Asynnetry in Underpricing in the Australian IPO Market.

Desmond Tsui, An Investigation on the Profitability of Contrarian and Momentum Strategies within an International Context - A Case between Australia and Us

Matthew Wilson, Case Study: The Value Drivers behind Internet E-tailer Companies in 2000.