Completed topics 1996

Mun Har , The Performance Persistence of Australian Superannuation Funds.

Nicholas Bienkowski, The International Bidder Effect: Do Australian Shareholders Earn a Higher Return when the Ultimate Acquirer is Foreign?

Nathan Butterworth, Evidence on the Determinants of Takeover Outcomes and the Predictive Ability of Logistic Models.

Matthew Cain, The Role of Underwriter Reputation in the Pricing of IPOs and Subsequent Seasoned Equity Offerings.

Adam Elder, The Evaluation of Volatility Forecasts in an Economic Value Framework.

Paul Francis, Block Transactions - Evidence of an Overhang Effect.

Rodney Fraser, Which Security Analyst Recommendations Result in the Largest Cumulative Abnormal Returns? A Cross Sectional Analysis.

Sung Dae Hong, Concurrent Economic Information and Relative Efficiency in the Australian Stock Market.

Ivy Hsieh, The Study of Bid and Ask Spread Bias and Non-Synchronous Effect in the Event of Unseasoned New Equity Offerings on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Winnie Hui, Understanding Fees, Certification, Relationship Specific Assets and Underwriter Retention.

Dinah Jowett, Valuation of Employee Share Options in Australia.

Andrew Lannen, Contrarian Investment, Extrapolation and Risk Evidence of Overreaction to Earnings Information in the Australian Equity Market.

Paul Lee, The Effect of Changes to Dividend Franking Levels on Security Returns, Payout Ratios, and Dividend Growth.

David Lewis, Acquisition or Divestiture? Management Response to Competitive Pressures.

Scott Mcgibbony, Ex Ante Uncertainty and the Underpricing of Equity Care-Outs in Australia.

Warwick Newell, Reconciling Dividend Reduction Signals and Subsequent Earnings Performance within an Australian Market Context.

Cianta Seneviratne, International Joint Ventures vs Domestic Joint Ventures: A Comparative Analysis of the Valuation Effects of Joint Venture Announcements on Shareholder Wealth.

Yar Ping Soo, Equity Duration and the Performance of Australian Stocks.

Oon Geok Tan, Differential Information Hypothesis and the Performance of Non Underwritten IPOs.

Kar Mei Tang, Modelling Volatility in the Malaysian Stock Market.

Alvin Teh, A Comparison of the Wealth Effects from International and Domestic Acquisitions: The Case for Australian Acquiring Firms.

Paul Wirjawan, Time Varying Volatility in Arbitrage-Free Term Strucuture Model.

Man Li Wong, Do Windows of Opportunity, Firm Characteristics and Market Conditions Affect the Price Reaction to Rights Issue Announcements?

Sally Yeh, Comparison of the Constant and Dynamic Hedge Models with the Presence of Transaction Costs in the Futures Market.