Completed topics 1995

Justin Bailey, The Shore Reaction of Australian Common Stocks to Announcements of International Joint Ventures

Edward Burley, The Role of Asymmetric Information and Underwriter Reputation in Australian Rights Issues

Simon Chan, The Impact of Options Introduction on the Empirical Relationship Between Returns and Trading Volume

Ze-Min Chua, Bank Branch Efficiency and Economies of Scale: A Study of Translog and Data Envelope Analyses

Bindusri De Silva, The Impact of Dividend Imputation Tax System on Trading Volume, Corporate Leverage and Volatility

Tanuja Doorjun, A Regression Analysis of the Effects of Option Introductions on Stock Variances in Australia

Nicholas Fay, The Pricing of Underwriting Risk in Initial Public Offerings: Australian Evidence

Greg Jason, The Role of Accounting Based Performance Measures in the Education Sector

Alison Lam, Capital Market Integration Pre and Post Deregulation: Evidence from the US and Australian Stock Markets

Wai Keong Lam, Further Evidence on the Black-Scholes Pricing Model: Does Heteroscedasticity Matter?

Tuck Lok Lau, Modelling Mean Reversion in the Price Earning Ratios of Firms

Janine Lewis, Managerial Performance, Motives, and Gains During Takeovers: Australian Evidence

Nicholas Lilley, The Reaction of Australian Interest Rate Markets to the Announcement of Economic Variables

Augustine Lim, The Relationship Between Information, Trading Volume, and Stock Market Volatility

Justin Loke, An Investigation into the effects of Beta Nonstationarity on Optimal Portfolio Weights

Jason Louey, The Operating Performance of Initial Public Offering Firms

Christopher Pearce, Testing the Behavioural CAPM

Lawrence Peh, Earnings and Dividends: Interaction Effect

Christopher Sleep, The Australian Stock Market Reaction to Economic News: In Intra-Daily Analysis

Amber Stoney, Earnings Management by Gold Mining Companies Affected by the 1991 Gold Tax

Jamie Strauch, The Impact of the Australian Dividend Imputation System on the Corporate Capital Structure

Eric Wong, Further Evidence on IPO Returns and Subsequent Equity Offerings

Kevin Wong, Options on the SPI Futures Contract: A Comparison of the Predictive Ability of the Black-Scholes Model and the Lee-Rao-Auchmuty Model