Completed topics 1994

Daniel Allison, Tax Induced Clientees: An Evaluation of the Australian Evidence

Lewis Apostolou, Rights Issues and Wealth Redistribution

Adam Caplan, Psychological Pricing Barriers in Australian Stock Indices

Hamish Carlisle, Takeover Announcements, Acquiring Firms and Programs of Acquisitions

Darren Crawford, Interaction of Earnings and Dividends: Some Further Evidence

Arne Dimpfel, Experts' Reports and Control Premia in Australian Takeovers

Timothy Emonson, Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP's) - An Examination of Returns During a DRP's Averaging Period

Jonathan Farrer, Setting Discount Rates Under Australian Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Avi Gilboa, An Analysis of the Information Content of Independent Expert's Report in Australian Takeover Bids

Timothy Heaton, Volatility Estimation and the Valuation of American Call Options on Dividend Paying Stocks

Vanessa Jackson, An Empirical Investigation into the Marketing Timing Activities on Australian Superannuation Fund Managers

Christian Johnston, The Information Effects of Right Issue Announcement and Prospectus Release

Mark Lewis, The Information Content of Preliminary Final Earnings Announcements

Fiona Mcintyre, Determinants of Capital Structure: Australian Evidence

Damien Mitchell, The Initial Performance of Resource and Industrial Based Initial Public Offerings

Daniel Olivieri, Information Efficiency of Implied Volatility and the Release of Preliminary Earning Statements

Amir Paluch, A Study of Discounts in Private Equity Placements of Bidder Firms

Andrew Pennycuick, Tobin's Q and the Post-Acquisition Performance of Bidder Firms

Philip Pepe, A Causality Test of International Stock Market Relationships

David Stegehuis, Currency Exposure in Australian Gold Stocks

Simon Wilson, Measurement Issues and the Long Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings

Daniel Wise, The Impact of Domestic Joint Venture Announcements on the Common Stock Returns of Australian Resource Sector Companies