Completed topics 2013

Kwun Nin CHAN, The interactive effects of market-wide limits to arbitrage and investor sentiment on stock returns

Brian CHITTY, Estimating the price setting behaviour of Australian banks in pricing Australian mortgages

Jonathan GRIGG, Private placement returns to participating and non-participating shareholders

JingJing HU, How do the entrepreneurs trade around the IPO

Xinyi HUANG, The impact of imposing value-at-risk regulation on reducing agency costs

Chuxin HUANG, Analyst portfolio set size and profitability of analyst recommendations

Matthew KIDD, Investigating the disappearance of the toehold

Wen Hoong KOAY, Pairs-trading with ETFs: A co-integration approach

Xiao-Ping (Mack) LI, Cash holdings, leverage and its impact on firms' market share during the global financial crisis

Jia Jiun LIEW, Managerial reputation and risk-taking: Gambling on acquisition

Ming De LIM, The role of directors' social networks during the 2007-2008 financial crisis: Evidence from US financial firms

MingHui LIM, Examining regulation effects on corporate governance and firm performance: Singapore evidence

Xinyang Eric LU, Insider trading in Australia: The impact of the global financial crisis and market's reaction to stealth trading and late reporting

Yuyang MAO, Underpricing of second-time IPOs: When withdrawn IPOs return

Andrej MATARUGA, The information content of option markets: Evidence from the Global Financial Crisis

Kevin MEI, The effect of blockholders on firm value: Subsequent ownership changes

Casey MROCKI, Two strikes and you're out: Are shareholders' interests enhanced by the two-strike rule?

Ngoc Thang NGUYEN, Institutional invesstors and acquiring firms' CEO compensation after merger and acquisition

Jia Tian Cindy PHUA, The competitive effects of seasoned equity offerings

Cheng QIU, What's the bright side of natural disasters - better forecast ability: Empirical study of Nikkei 225 index

Kishan RATNAM, Idiosyncratic risk: The pricing of expected and unexpected idiosyncratic volatility in the cross-section of Australian equity returns

Minjie SHI, Role of media exposure on firm's cost of borrowing and leverage ratio

Wei Ying SOH, Inside debt and the maturity structure of corporate debt

Qing SU, The effects of introducing the resource rent tax on mining firms in Australia

Zheren Tracey SUN, Chinese reverse merger: Motivations and consequences

Hua Derrick TAN, Does the level of VC involvement affect investors' returns?

Matthew WAJNGARTEN, Price discovery in the Australian Stock Market post the arrival of Chi-X

YiDan WU, The interaction between independent directors and institutional shareholders in shaping CEO compensation

Dawei XU, Ownership structure and dividend policy: Evidence from Hong Kong

Mengchen YANG, Why are you paying so much? An analysis of abnormally high target termination fee provisions in M&A

Michelle YII, CEO gender differences in risk aversion and the cost of debt

Youwan ZHANG, Relationship between outside directors' compensation and information disclosure

Yudong ZHENG, The impact of CSR on corporate financial performance: A comparison between periods before and after SOX

Zhengzheng ZUO, Divestitures through spin-off and equity carve-out: An earnings management perspective