Masters Research Reports - Department of Econimics

Completed topics 2013

Aaron Girardi  -Land Supply Decisions in Melbourne’s Greenfield Property Markets

Adam Smith  - Aid, Trade & Growth

Alexander Paull  -Economic Conditions and Criminal Behaviour: The Effect of Consumer Sentiment

Andrew Beard -A Financial Conditions Index for Australia

Azreen Benazir Abdullah - Estimating impacts of increasing export-intensities on productivity spillovers

Graham Bull  -The Simple Micro-Economics of IT Outsourcing

Hui Wen Ng - Credential Ination in the United States

James Hulonce - Middlemen, margins and globalization: The small open economy case

James Maloney - Aviation Connectivity: Does the Agglomeration Economics of Cities Extend to the Skies?

Jessica Guang Ning Yang -Welfare Analysis of Electricity Distribution Reliability

Kuiyin WANG - Trade and Unemployment: Application on Selected Countries

L. Bablani - Exclusivity & Differentiation

Nataliya Ilyushina - Religion, Opportunism and Economic Growth

Nathan Yee Ching Cheung - Does GATT/WTO membership affect Foreign Direct Investment inflow?

Paul Effeney -The Rise of the Interwar Gold Standard: Importance of the Trade Network

Ripon Roy - Workers’ Remittances and the Dutch Disease in South Asian Countries

Rudy Saloumidis - Asymmetric Roles and Abilities in Teams: An Experimental Investigation

Yibo Shen - Income and Immigration: The Evolvment of Happiness and Social Comparison Pattern

Yunho Cho - Training and market competition: An empirical investigation using British data