Submission and Meeting Dates

The Faculty Human Ethics Committee will meet 11 times in 2019. Applications for ethics approval are to be submitted via Themis by the Faculty Human Ethics Advisory Group (FHEAG) Submission Date. ‘Minimal Risk’ applications are reviewed and approved at Faculty level, therefore applicants need only note the dates in the first two columns. Higher-risk ‘Standard Project’ applications require additional review by the University Human Ethics Sub-Committee (HESC), therefore applicants must note the relevant dates in all four columns.

FHEAG* Submission DateFHEAG MeetingUniversity HESC* Submission Date University HESC
7 January 201917 January 201930 January 201914 February 2019
11 February 201921 February 20196 March 201921 March 2019
11 March 201921 March 20191 April 201916 April 2019
15 April 201924 April 20191 May 201816 May 2018
13 May 201923 May 20195 June 201920 June 2018
10 June 201920 June 20193 July 201918 July 2019
8 July 201918 July 201931 July 201915 August 2019
12 August 201922 August 20194 September 201919 September 2019
9 September 201919 September 20192 October 201917 October 2019
14 October 201924 October 20196 November 201921 November 2018
4 November 201914 November 201927 November 201912 December 2019

*Faculty Human Ethics Advisory Group

*University Human Ethics Sub-Committee

Please Note:

  • Applications must be submitted via Themis by the applicable deadline.
  • Applications should be submitted electronically via the Ethics module on your Themis workbench. All documents should be uploaded individually in PDF format. Each PDF document must be attached separately in Themis, with one additional attachment that includes all documents. To do this, you will need to print a copy of the application summary report and combine it with the Application Form, PLS, Consent Form, Interview and Survey Questions, Recruitment Flyers and any other supporting documentation (in that order) in PDF format and upload it as a separate document in Themis.
  • Please ensure the uploaded application form is signed by the Responsible Researcher.
  • Standard Project applications and Program applications are discussed at the Faculty meetings, however final approval is granted by the HREC at the meetings specified above.
  • Data collection cannot commence until ethics approval is granted.

Please direct all enquiries to:

Research Development Officer
FBE Research Development, Level 3, 45 Barry Street
Faculty of Business and Economics
The University of Melbourne AUSTRALIA 3010