SDC Platinum™


SDC Platinum™ - a product of Thomson Reuters Financial - is a collection of databases with information on financial transactions. SDC Platinum™ offers an extensive query and report database for the private equity industry and buyout financing.

Databases available

Global New Issues Databases

SDC Platinum™ Global New Issues databases provide authoritative coverage of global equity issues, Eurobonds , US Private Placements, and more - giving you the same critical information used by leading investment banks and top financial publications. Global New Issues databases cover more than 290,000 transactions and include coverage as far back as 1970. The database is divided into twelve sub-databases based upon geography.

New Issues Marketplace(s)

  • United States
  • International
  • Asian Pacific Domestic
  • Australian/New Zealand Domestic
  • Canadian Domestic
  • Continental European Domestic
  • Indian Domestic
  • Japanese Domestic
  • Korean Domestic
  • Latin American Domestic
  • United Kingdom Domestic
  • Rest of the World

Mergers & Acquisitions Databases

Thomson Reuters Financial Securities Data's Worldwide Merger & Acquisitions database covers more transactions than any other source and is the industry standard used by investment banks, law firms, and media outlets around the world. The data goes back to 1979 (US) or 1985 (non-U.S.) and covers more than 273,000 transactions and offers more than 1400 detailed information elements including:

  • US Targets and Non-U.S. Targets
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

VentureXpert Databases

Industry Resources

  • Funds Raised
  • Firms - Management firms that operate venture capital and buyout funds.
  • Portfolio Companies.
  • Limited Partnerships - Investors in venture capital and buyout funds.
  • Service Providers - third parties including advisors, accountants, lawyers
  • Executives (search within Firms or Portfolio Company Boards)

Industry Benchmark Statistics

  • Fund (commitments, performance, statistics)
  • Portfolio Company (investments, IPOs, M&A)


Workstations with SDC Platinum™ installed are located in the FBE Research Databases Facility, Upper Ground South (Graduate Space) Giblin Eunson Library, accessible by faculty academic staff and research students.


Login details provided next to the SDC Platinum™ terminals in the FBE Research Databases Facility.


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