The Economist Intelligence Unit

Available Databases

These databases are available as part of the University's subscription to The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) services. See next section for access instructions.

  • Country Data

    The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Data

    Database Content

    Comprehensive macroeconomic data on 200+ countries

    • GDP​
    • Population​
    • Labour force​
    • Wages​
    • Inflation​
    • Money supply​
    • Interest rates​
    • Exchange rates​
    • Fiscal​
    • Balance of payments​
    • Foreign direct investment (FDI)​
    • Debt​
  • Global Forecasting Service

    The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) Global Forecasting Service

    Database Content

    • This service offers projections of key economic indicators and analysis of the issues that influence the economic performance of both developed and emerging markets

How to Access?

All UoM staff and students

Support Resources

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