Mergent Inc

Mergent Fixed Income Securities Database (FISD)

Database Content

Database of publicly offered U.S. bonds containing issue details on 140,000+

  • Corporate​
  • Corporate MTN (medium-term note) ​
  • Supranational​
  • U.S. Agency​
  • U.S. Treasury debt securities​

Includes more than 550 data items

Provides details on:

  • Debt issues ​
  • The issuers​
  • Transactions by insurance companies

How to Access?

FBE & MBS Academic staff and PhD students

  • Register for an individual online WRDS account with your Unimelb email​
  • Access database online through WRDS

FBE Honours and Masters students


Booking required: FBE Research Databases Facility Computer Booking System

  • Access WRDS via a Day Pass in the FBE Research Databases Facility​
  • Location – Upper Ground South Floor, Giblin Eunson Library ​
How to request a Day Pass?
  1. Login to the General PCs with your Unimelb details
  2. Click on the WRDS shortcut icon

Support Resources

1. Login to WRDS

2. Click on Mergent FISD​

3. Click on:​

  • Manuals & Overviews​
  • Knowledge Base