Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

Available ISS Databases

These databases are available as part of the University's subscription to Institutional Shareholders Services. See next section for access instructions.

  • Directors


    Database Content

    Covers S&P 1500 companies

    Provides a range of variables related to individual board directors:

      • Name
      • Age
      • Tenure
      • Gender
      • Committee memberships
      • Primary employer
      • Title, etc.
  • Governance


    Database Content

    Provides data on classic takeover defense and other corporate governance provisions, including:

      • Classified boards
      • Cumulative voting
      • Golden parachutes
      • Poison pills
      • State takeover laws

How to Access?

FBE & MBS Academic Staff and PhD Students

  • Register for an individual online WRDS account with your Unimelb email
  • Access database through WRDS

FBE Honours and Masters students


Booking required: FBE Research Databases Facility Computer Booking System

  • Access WRDS via a Day Pass in the FBE Research Databases Facility
  • Location - Upper Ground South Floor, Giblin Eunson Library
How to request a Day Pass?
  1. Login to the General PCs with your Unimelb details
  2. Click on the WRDS shortcut icon

Support Resources

  1. Login to WRDS
  2. Click on Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)
  3. Click on:
    Manuals & Overviews
    Knowledge Base