Ethics - additional information

Enquiries regarding progress of your application

Once your application is forwarded to the Faculty Research Support Unit, any enquiries regarding its progress should be directed here.


Amendments to Current Projects

If you wish to make changes to an ethics application after it has been approved by the relevant HEAG or HESC, you will need to submit a request for an amendment in Themis. A request for amendment must progress through the same approval process as the original ethics application before the changes will be incorporated as part of the approved ethics protocol.

Please refer to the Office for Research Ethics and Integrity website for further information.

You will need to submit your amendment request via Themis - step-by-step instructions

External Ethics Applications

If the research project is to be conducted in an Australian institution external to the University of Melbourne, and this institution has a properly constituted ethics committee (such as a hospital), then ethics approval is to be obtained within that institution, which will remain the responsible committee.

The FBE researcher must register the details of that approval with the University and provide annual reports. Please refer to the Office for Research Ethics and Integrity website for further information.