The Institutional Brokers Estimate System (I/B/E/S) is a unique service which monitors the earnings estimates on companies of interest to institutional investors. The I/B/E/S database currently covers over 18,000 companies in 60 countries. It provides to a discriminating client base of 2,000 of the world's top institutional money managers. More than 850 firms contribute data to I/B/E/S, from the largest global houses to regional and local brokers, with US data back to 1976 and international data back to 1987.

I/B/E/S Current Forecast Data - The I/B/E/S current forecast database is offered on a summary (consensus) level or detailed (analyst-by-analyst) basis. With over 15 data items that are updated as often as five times a day, it is designed to help portfolio managers and analysts identify, manipulate, and analyze exceptional information for over 18,000 equities worldwide.

I/B/E/S Historical Forecasts - I/B/E/S History is the only statistically significant historical estimate database in the business. Starting in 1976 for US forecasts and 1987 for International forecasts, I/B/E/S History contains records on over 30,000 companies across 60 markets and presents a unique opportunity for back testing investment theories in a variety of global market conditions. Such research against historical trends and market conditions can provide a confident glimpse into future results.

There are two versions of the I/B/E/S earnings estimate history, Summary and Detail:

  • The Summary History consists of a snapshot of the consensus level data taken monthly. The U.S. edition covers reported earnings estimates and results since January 1976, while the international starts in 1987.
  • The Detail History (Analyst Earnings Estimate History) is a timeline of individual analysts' earnings forecasts (daily records at the analyst level). The U.S. edition starts in 1983, while the International edition starts in 1987.

Both data sets are available for US and International stocks. The databases cover 52 markets.