Bloomberg Professional® Service


The Bloomberg Professional® service is a global 24-hour-a-day financial information network providing real-time and historical pricing, indicative and fundamental data and analytics. Using Bloomberg Excel Add-In product you can integrate Bloomberg's vast database into your spreadsheets and proprietary models. This product allows you to have customized spreadsheets that can include real-time monitors of world markets, historical values of securities and some of our analytics. This set of applications allows you to download over 6,400 fields of data with your Bloomberg Professional® service.

Excel Add-In

Bloomberg Excel Add-In product has Bloomberg Excel Wizards that assist you in obtaining real-time, historical and other data. You can find the necessary financial instruments by using the Ticker Lookup tool that is easily available and tightly integrated into the Bloomberg Excel Wizards. You can find the fields by using Fields Search tool's categorized searchable list that is readily available. For advanced users the product provides a set of Bloomberg Excel functions that allow you to integrate Bloomberg Data into your spreadsheets. These functions are just as easy to use as any other standard Excel functions.

Data Description

Bloomberg Professional® service is a continuous data feed service that includes real-time (with a 20 minute delay), historical and descriptive data, analytics and news on a number of markets and securities.


There is one "Open Bloomberg" terminal located in the FBE Research Databases Facility, Upper Ground South (Graduate Space) Giblin Eunson Library, accessible by faculty academic staff and research students. Bookings are essential.

Students book via FBE Research Databases Facility Computer Booking System (

Staff book via email to so that we may book on your behalf.


Login details provided next to the Bloomberg Professional® terminal in the FBE Research Databases Facility.


One physical, on-campus terminal.