United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The decisions you make now will make a difference to how the world is in the future.

A fair, prosperous and sustainable society doesn't just happen. It's something we work for.

But how do we make sure that work creates value? How do we make sure it doesn't cause harm or waste scarce resources?

And, what, really, is the best way to achieve what we want?

Consumers, citizens, business, governments - individuals and organisations of every kind including universities - everyone has to make these decisions. They aren't easy. Especially in a world where we're all connected.

We believe that the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals make those decisions much easier because they capture what is worth doing and having. They anchor our discussions about what matters. They bring alignment and consistency even when partners are acting independently and responding to different incentives. They are also ideal for this period of economic and social transition we are now in.

If we pursue the Sustainable Development Goals then we'll have a world where people prosper. Each of us will have an equal shot at life. We will be making our livings in a way that can be sustained in the long term.

That's what we're working for. That's why we've decided to use the goals to frame our research and the impact it can have on the world.