Dr Boon Han Koh

Research Fellow


  • Level 4, FBE Building
    111 Barry Street,
    Carlton VIC 3010


Boon Han is a Research Fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne. He received his PhD from the University of Melbourne in July 2018.

Boon Han’s main research interests are in the fields of Experimental Economics and Behavioral Economics, with a focus on beliefs, leadership, and experimental methodology. His research has been published in the European Economic Review and Southern Economic Journal.

His current research focuses on how individuals evaluate others’ outcomes in environments where the determinants of outcomes are unobservable. An important question which arises is how individuals attribute outcomes to their determinants. This has implications on many social decisions which are affected by the beliefs that one holds about others’ actions or types. For example, when deciding whether to hire a manager from another firm, the recruiter often has to make judgments about the candidate’s abilities based only on their observable outcomes. His research in this area examines: (i) whether individuals suffer from biases in the way they attribute the success and failure of others to their actions or luck; (ii) whether observers’ types affect their biases; and (iii) whether biases are different when luck is realised before (as opposed to after) decisions are made.

Boon Han was previously a Visiting Fellow in the School of Economics at the University of Nottingham from April to July 2017.

More information about his research is available on his website.