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Tom has more than 20 years' experience at senior levels in all aspects of independent assurance, including information technology systems, automated audit techniques, financial systems and strategy.  Other aspects of his background include:

Senior roles in Internal Audit, Assurance, Governance and Finance roles in large corporations, including:
  • 20 years global and multi industry experience in auditing, risk management, fraud and corruption investigations, business analysis, program evaluation, compliance activities and related projects
  • Global Practice Leader Internal Audit for Rio Tinto
  • General Manager, Audit and Fraud, Optus (Asia)
Speciality expertise in information technology systems, automated audit techniques, financial systems and strategy
  • Subject matter level expertise on information technology projects and controls and the risks associated with the emergence of new technologies
  • Manufacturing fixed asset information system implementation
  • Extensive audit, quality assurance and team leadership experience in Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, United States and the United Kingdom
Extensive Board and Senior Management experience
  • 15+ years of Board level reporting experience
  • Direct reporting experience to the Rio Tinto and Singapore Telecom Board Committees; Chief Executive Officer; Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer levels
  • Responsibility for the management of $50m tender for the provision of co-sourced internal audit services to Rio Tinto – the largest known global tender of its kind in 2011 – and the transition of service provider within four months
  • Regular international presenter and author on emerging and best practice governance, fraud and integrity approaches
  • Since 2012, Consultant in McLeod Governance Consulting, offering specialised corporate governance, risk management, fraud and corruption prevention, independent assurance and internal audit services.


Seminar 1: Lessons Learnt from 200 Years of Corruption in Australia

Tom gave an overview of some of the memorable (and perhaps some less memorable) corruption episodes in Australian history and what lessons can be taken from the incidents.   This seminar was of broad interest to those attending, particularly those with a focus on financial reporting, corporate governance, fraud, corporate collapse, forensic accounting and assurance.

Seminar 2:  The Audit Brand

This seminar examined What is the audit brand and how it can be improved?

Tom explored one of the key issues facing the audit profession, and as such it was relevant to those with an interest in assurance, financial reporting, as the broader issues affecting the accounting and assurance professions.

Research interests