Elham Ghazimatin

Department of Management and Marketing

Thesis: Governance of Temporary Organizations

Elham is a doctoral candidate in marketing at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Her primary research interest is the governance of temporary organizations or so-called projects. Using secondary data and econometric methods, she examines how projects can be organized for the superior performance. Projects are dominant in many areas, such as film making, defence, and construction yet remain largely unstudied. In her dissertation Elham studies, for example, how buyers can select and incentivize suppliers, appropriate for conditions, to minimize costs. She also considers how supplier decisions to outsource determine buyer outcomes, such as innovation. Such studies bring important and new theoretical insights while also holding important implications for practitioners.

Elham is the winner of the 2017 ANZMAC best doctoral research award. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in production and operations management. Her teaching interests are in B2B marketing, marketing strategy, and marketing research.