Kongmanas (Dean) Yavaprabhas

Department of Management and Marketing

Email kyavaprabha@student.unimelb.edu.au

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Dean is a PhD Candidate in Management (Operations) at the University of Melbourne. Dean is passionate about how blockchain and other Industry 4.0 technologies can change the world. He has published his first paper in the Annals of Operations Research, which is a conceptual paper showing the impact of blockchain technology on trust between supply chain partners.

Dean also works as a tutor for the subjects Engineering Management Capstone (ENGM90016) and Managing for Competitive Advantage (MGMT30013) at the University of Melbourne. Prior to commencing his doctoral degree, Dean received a Master of Engineering Management (First-Class Honours/Dean's Honours List) from the University of Melbourne.

Thesis Title

Demystifying blockchain technology and trust in supply chains

Thesis Summary

Dean's thesis investigates the relationship between blockchain technology and trust in supply chain management. The main ideas revolves around (1) How blockchain implementation affects trust between supply chain partner (i.e., blockchain would reinforce trust between them or replace it with trust in the technology); (2) How blockchain could address trust-related issues such as information fraud and counterfeit products; and (3)How trust existing between supply chain parties could impact the blockchain adoption decision.