Ali Shamsollahi

Department of Management and Marketing

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Thesis: Interorganizational Relationship Dynamics and Repair Processes

There is a consensus among scholars that interorganizational relationships (IOR) are dynamic and subject to change over time, yet much of the available theory used to analyse IOR, such as Transaction Cost Economics or Social Exchange Theory, is stubbornly static. This dissertation aims to address this shortcoming through two studies: (1) a comprehensive literature review synthesizing themes from an emergent literature on IOR dynamics; and (2) a grounded theory study on IOR repair processes which challenges some existing assumptions about the nature of relationship transgressions and repair, while providing some extensions to transaction cost theory.

Ali has subject coordination experience, a decade of industry experience, knowledge of quantitative and qualitative research methods, and a battery of research with national and international scholars in his pipeline. He also regularly present at ANZMAC (2015, 2017) and AMA (2016, 2018) conferences. Moreover, he won University of Melbourne’s Department of Management & Marketing Ph.D. Best Paper Award in 2017. In the same year, he was selected to represent the University of Melbourne at the AMA-Sheth foundation doctoral consortium at the University of Iowa.