Pablo Franco

Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences


Pablo Franco is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences program. He holds a Bachelor in Mathematics and a Bachelor in Economics, both from Universidad de los Andes, as well as a master in Neuroeconomics from Maastricht University. During his master’s degree he did a research internship in Camerer’s lab at Caltech. Between degrees Pablo also worked at the central bank of Colombia as an analyst in the financial stability department.

His current work focuses on decision neuroscience from an interdisciplinary perspective. Using theory from computer science (computation theory) he expects to provide insights into decision modeling and metacognition.  Pablo's other research interests lie in the areas of decision making under uncertainty and financial market regulation.

Pablo's thesis is titled Computational Complexity and Decision Theory : Insights into cognitive control, which looks at how the brain recognises task difficulty and how it allocates resources accordingly.