Paul Nguyen

Department of Economics

  • Level 4, FBE Building
    111 Barry Street,
    Carlton VIC 3010

Paul Nguyen is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at The University of Melbourne, with research interests in the field of Bayesian Econometrics, particularly Empirical Likelihood methods and moment condition models. Paul's latest work involves developing a Bayesian moment condition testing procedure, which can be applied to verify the validity of sources of identification in macroeconometric structural VAR models that have multiple sources of identification.

Outside of research, Paul is passionate about teaching econometrics, and was the recipient of the Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2020) from The University of Melbourne. In 2019, Paul was a member of the University of Melbourne team which won the Econometric Games, a case competition for graduate students from the world's top universities. Paul also maintains a personal blog where he writes about topical issues in statistics and probability for a general non-technical audience. Upon completion of his Ph.D., Paul will be joining Strategy&, the strategy consulting arm of PwC, as a management consultant specialising in financial services.