Omid Mousavi

Department of Economics

  • Level 4, FBE Building
    111 Barry Street,
    Carlton VIC 3010


Omid Mousavi is a final-year PhD candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne. His research interests include macroeconomics, labor economics, and international economics. Omid is currently on the job market. He is available for interviews at the AEA meetings in Atlanta.

In his job market paper "Extension of Unemployment Benefits and Changes in Job Search Margins", Omid examines the impact of an extension of unemployment insurance benefits, which is a typical policy response to a recession, on the labor market. In particular, in this paper, he asks how much of the observed change in unemployment outcomes can be explained by the responses of unemployed workers to changes in their UI benefits? To answer this question, he constructs a model and uses it to quantify the fraction of changes in the labor market outcomes attributed to changes in (i) the job search effort, (ii) the job selectivity, and (iii) the labor market participation of workers. His main contribution is quantifying these responses and in particular, the labor market participation which has received little attention in quantitative research studying the impact of unemployment insurance policies on the labor market.

Omid has also two other papers entitled "The Welfare Effects of Trade with Labour Market Risk" joint with Professor Lawrence Uren and "Income Inequality, Income Redistribution, and Sovereign Default" in the area of international economics. You can find his resume and also more details about Omid's research on his website.