Cindy (Jia Sheen) Nah

Department of Economics

  • Level 4, FBE Building
    111 Barry Street,
    Carlton VIC 3010

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Cindy (Jia Sheen) Nah is a final year PhD candidate in the Department of Economics, at the University of Melbourne. Her research primarily focuses on empirical industrial organisation and applied microeconomics.

Throughout her PhD, she studied the influence of consumer search on market competition, with a focus on retail energy markets. Her job market paper explores the impact of two-sided price transparency on competition in retail gasoline markets. In a related paper, she examines how consumers' ability and willingness to search vary by income and education. Finally, her joint project with Dr David Byrne and Dr Leslie Martin involves running an audit study field experiment in order to identify the effects of consumer search on negotiated prices in retail electricity markets.

Cindy is currently based in Melbourne, Australia, and welcomes opportunities for consulting and data analytics in Europe and Australia.