Karlo Doroc

Department of Finance

Email k.doroc@student.unimelb.edu.au

Karlo Doroc is a PhD student in the Decision, Risk and Financial Sciences doctoral program. Karlo obtained his Bachelor degree in Commerce with a double major in Economics and Finance (2015), and Honours in Finance (2017), at the University of Melbourne.

Before returning to do a PhD, Karlo spent over five years working within financial services with both PwC and Link Group. He also tutored undergraduate students in Foundations of FinTech, Investments, and Introductory Personal Finance.

Karlo's current research involves the intersection between human and machine decision-making, and specifically how complexity affects people's decision-making and problem-solving performance. Outside of research and teaching he loves writing about all things heavy metal, passionately supporting the Melbourne Football Club, and playing strategic board games with friends.