Nazanin Babolmorad

Business Administration



Nazanin's research interests lie at the intersection of behavioural finance and new emerging technologies and techniques such as machine learning, transformer learning algorithms, and blockchains. Specifically, she investigates issues related to behavioural biases as result of different sources of information frictions including media news and social networks posts, and how these correlate with asset prices and;stock market trading activities. The first chapter of her Ph.D. thesis,” Topic-Adaptive Syntax Approach (TASA)”, which proposes a new approach for the analysis of sentiments in financial and business news at the firm level. The second Chapter of her PhD thesis, “Who is Influencing Whom? Media News and Social Networks” investigates the association between media disagreement, investor disagreement as captured form social media forum for investors, and stock market trading activities.

Nazanin was Ranked 2nd in the National Universities Entrance Exam 2015 in the field of Industrial Engineering (PhD), Iran (among 1,825 participants). She received the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship award, which is awarded to high achieving students undertaking a Doctoral by research degree.

Nazanin is teaching assistant for MBA students for “Corporate Finance” and “Fintech: Blockchain in the New Economy” at Melbourne Business School.

Nazanin’s Principal supervisor is Professor Nadia Massoud. Professors Peter Bossaerts and Michael Smith are members of her supervision committee.