Working together to exceed expectations

Michelle Callanan, Senior Marketing Leader, Lifebroker
Michelle Callanan, Lifebroker.

What attracted you to participating in Management Consulting?

We were very excited about the fresh ideas and new perspectives that a student team from the University of Melbourne could add to the Lifebroker team. We are always looking to encourage young talent to develop and potentially take up opportunities in our industry. We felt that Management Consulting would provide all of the above and more.

What are the benefits of participating in Management Consulting?

Our expectations were 100% met - if not exceeded. The student team who we worked with were all enthusiastic, highly motivated and very diligent throughout the entire project. Their development throughout the course of the project was evident for all to see and their final presentation was of an extremely high calibre..

What kind of personal qualities do you think a student needs in order to be successful in the Management Consulting program?

Enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and get involved are pivotal. All of the student team members who we worked with on the program had these attributes in spades. Also an ability to be nimble, agile and open to feedback is key when working in a fast paced environment.

Do you have any advice for new students doing Management Consulting?

Firstly, it is a fantastic subject and an opportunity for a huge amount of personal development – so well done for choosing Management Consulting! Secondly, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of, and ensure that you make use of the knowledge and experience of the individuals in the companies where you are completing the project. Everyone is usually more than happy to help and it will make a big difference to have that overview when preparing your final report and presentation.

Do you have any memorable moments from your involvement with Management Consulting? There are two stand out moments for me. Firstly, the beginning of the project meeting and getting to know all of the student team was a real treat. The team complemented each other greatly with varied backgrounds and expertise and they were all very enthusiastic to be involved in the project. Secondly, a hugely memorable moment for me was the final presentation from the student team. Their presentation was very in-depth and definitely surpassed our expectations. The team’s recommendations were well argued and supported with evidence. It was a fantastic moment to see them all present a great piece of research so well.

Now that the students have presented their findings to you, what are your next steps?

Will you be putting any of the findings you received from the students into practice? Yes, we’re currently working with our digital agency team to integrate many of their recommendations into some of our Q1 social media planning.

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