Watch: 2022 Griffin Economic History Public Lecture

Professor Pauline Grosjean presented the 2022 Griffin Economic History Public Lecture at the Copland Theatre, University of Melbourne, on Thursday 1 September 2022.

Gender Inequality, Gender Norms, and Australia’s Convict Past

Presented by Professor Pauline Grosjean, School of Economics, UNSW

Professor Pauline Grosjean discussed the relationships between gender inequality and norms about gender roles, such as beliefs about the appropriate way women and men should behave. She presented her research about how historically male biased sex ratios in Australia still influence the way women and men behave today and their respective welfare. Australia’s special case illustrates more universal patterns of interactions between societal gender norms and economic and gender inequality, as studied in her book Patriarcapitalism (published in French in September 2021, forthcoming in English).

The University of Melbourne gratefully acknowledges support for the Griffin Economic History Public Lecture from the Peter Griffin and Terry Swann Foundation.