Undertaking the Business Practicum remotely

By Diana Justina Hartono

What’s it like undertaking a Business Practicum remotely? We spoke with Master of Management (Accounting) student Diana Justina Hartono to find out more.

The idea of working remotely on a semester-long project in my final semester was daunting. However, I now feel grateful to have completed the Business Practicum, which helped me gain practical experience to pair with the theoretical knowledge I obtained in class. I also developed my soft skills, especially in communication.

Diana Justina Hartono
Diana Justina Hartono.

Two weeks before the Business Practicum commenced, I met members of my assigned student team online. We came from different backgrounds and were enrolled in a variety of business disciplines. Upon receiving our project brief, we took the role of a student consultant team and were presented with the challenge of solving a set of problems posed by our host company, Xero. Xero is a leading company for cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses.

In order to complete this project, my team were required to utilise our research and analysis skills as we evaluated results from numerous surveys and interviews conducted. Team innovation and creativity were also crucial in developing our final recommendations to Xero.

What I learnt from the subject

The Business Practicum involves communicating with a diverse range of stakeholders. Supported by our helpful host, I gained confidence in leading discussions and presenting ideas in meetings. There were some communication challenges arising from our virtual setting, as we largely relied on verbal explanations. However, this helped me hone my active listening skills to stay engaged with my conversation partner. As I gave teammates my full attention, I could provide more thoughtful responses, improving the group discussion. This was an essential skill as it allowed me to gain different perspectives and learn from others.

Despite the remote setting, I was able to get a better perspective on how the business world operates in real life. Unlike other university subjects, the Business Practicum offered more freedom in exploring the best solutions. My team’s creativities were also put to the test, as problems were intermingled across multiple areas. Moreover, this subject allowed me to experience a virtual working environment and the new dynamics of working remotely in a team to deliver results.

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Advice for applicants

I recommend applying for this subject sooner rather than later in your degree and work on improving your CV, to have this ready early – you may wish to utilise the university’s one-on-one career support. I encourage all students to complete the Business Practicum, as this subject offers a practical learning experience, unique from other university subjects. For those applying, good luck! I hope you enjoy this subject as much as I did.