The Next Link in the Chain

By Seth Robinson

Whether you’re a practicing supply chain professional, or someone new to the discipline, the Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management provides students with the skills they need to excel in the field.

Kym Pine relocated to Melbourne six months ago, in a move that saw her begin a role with a global beverage carton manufacturer, working on products like UP&GO. The move also marked an opportunity for Kym to build on her experience, and formalise her qualifications in the industry with the Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management (PCSCM).

‘I actually studied Criminology at university. After I graduated I ended up working in some logistics and supply chain roles, and I realised that’s the thing that really gets me out of bed in the morning.

Kym Pine
PCSCM Student, Kym Pine.

For me, it’s about helping people and solving problems, and when it comes to business, often the person who is most hands on in solving those problems is the supply chain manager,’ she says. ‘I decided it was time I added a qualification to my experience. The most important thing for me was finding a course that was flexible enough to balance with my professional life.’

Taught online via the Insendi platform, the PCSCM delivers the flexible, accessible program Kym was looking for.

‘At the moment I’m on my third unit of study, Supply Chain Challenges and Opportunities, which is particularly interesting to study at the moment, given the complications that have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic. The course looks at what our lecturer calls ‘the dark side of the supply chain’, and issues such as modern slavery. It’s an area I haven’t had exposure to in my professional experience, so I’m already gaining some fantastic insights from the course. It’s interesting in thinking about supply chain, how even a small problem can cause greater issues through a ripple effect, so it’s crucial to identify those problems early.’

The Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management is a 100% online course that delivers an understanding of the core principles of supply chain management. Take the first step into an in-demand sector where you will tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Find out more about the Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management here.

Now, Kym is perfectly placed to continue her career in the supply chain sector.

‘I’m lucky enough to work for a global company. I would love to capitalise on that in the future and work my way through, so I can understand all the elements of a global business. I think having those kind of options and that kind of exposure are a real bonus, because the main thing I want in the future is to see how things are done in different areas and to continue learning. It’s all incredibly dynamic.’

Graduates from the Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management may also go on to continue their studies in the new Master of Supply Chain Management.