The Dream Job

By Seth Robinson

Phil Dudzinski didn’t know what the dream job was, until he found it. Now, he’s a Group Product Manager at Cricket Australia.

Growing up in Melbourne, Phil always aspired to attend the University of Melbourne. When it came time to enrol in his undergrad, he decided the Bachelor of Commerce would set him on track for the future.

‘It was always my ambition to study a Bachelor of Commerce. Having majored in finance and economics, I was able to utilise the exciting breadth of opportunities the course had to offer. Five years on, I’m only just beginning to realise the vast number of doors it has opened for me. Truthfully, looking back, being admitted to the BCom was one of the most influential factors in my success today.’

For Phil, it was the classroom experience that stood out as a highlight of the BCom.

Phil Dudzinski on his US trip.
BCom Alum, Phil Dudzinski on his US trip.

‘Melbourne attracts such a diverse range of students which leads to a really engaging and dynamic classroom atmosphere. It’s like a trial run for real world workplaces, where you have to deal with a varied range of stakeholders and individuals. I also think the Melbourne Model, and the option to take Breadth subjects adds a really important element of depth. In my case, I paired my studies in economics and finance with my passion for sport. For example, I thoroughly enjoyed taking the class ‘Sport and Education in Australia’ which no doubt set me on track perfectly for the role I have now.’

That role is as a Group Product Manager for Cricket Australia, managing digital platforms that include the Cricket Australia Live App, and

‘I describe a product manager's role as being very dynamic and influential. It requires an intimate understanding of your users, their usage patterns and their goals. As the Group Product Manager at Cricket Australia, I manage a team of product managers who help shape the digital sports landscape. Day-to-day, I lead a cross-functional team of UX designers, developers and testers to deliver human centred outcomes which solve real life problems. Honestly, with our 20 million yearly users – and the platforms we look after – I think I have one of the most exciting jobs in Australia.’

It’s a role that has allowed Phil to see the world and go places he only ever imagined while he was studying.

‘I sometimes think back on my time at Melbourne, and realise I was still so naïve as to what the world had to offer, that a job like this existed. I’d have loved to have read a story like this and seen where my studies could take me. Last year, Cricket Australia sent me to the United States to work with product and content teams from the NFL, MLB and Wall Street Journal. It was a chance to see how these organisations – these huge establishments – work in the space and learn from the best in the business. As a sports fan, it was a dream come true to hold the Vince Lombardi Superbowl Trophy. I still feel that same excitement every day as I take my lunchtime walk and see people taking photos with statues outside the MCG. It’s clear that they’re immersed in the sport, and I feel so fortunate that I can contribute to a passion that brings so many people together.

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It’s not a place Phil ever imagined he’d be, but he couldn’t be happier. It’s that lesson, perhaps learnt by accident, that he’d like to pass on.

‘I think the best thing you can do is keep an open-mind when it comes to your career path. I never imagined that I would end up here, but the opportunities I took advantage of and the way I approached my studies at Melbourne set me on the right track. It’s possible that you don’t even know your dream job exists yet, so be patient, stay open-minded, and don’t disregard opportunities just because they aren’t what you imagined yourself doing when you began your studies.’­­