Taking the Plunge

By Seth Robinson

We all learn in different ways. For some, it’s a passive thing, soaking up information as it’s presented, for others, it means learning by doing, and for a third group, it’s a matter of taking the plunge and throwing themselves into the deep end. For Master of Management (Marketing) alumna Thanchanok Choochart, it was the latter.

Thanchanok Choochart completed her undergraduate studies at Thammasat University, Thailand, where she majored in economics. Upon her graduation, she joined Phatra Securities, a prominent Thai investment firm, as a Customer Service Assistant. One year on, she decided it was time for a change of direction.

- Thanchanok Choochart.

“I applied for a job as a marketing consultant, where I worked for another year. It piqued my interest and I decided I wanted to study marketing so I could go further in the field.”

With a desire to hone her English skills, Thanchanok cast her gaze abroad, exploring study options in the United States, UK, and Australia.

“Those are the three places that are famous for their education in Thailand. I decided I wanted to do a two-year degree, as it would give me time to be immersed in the culture and work on my English, and decided I wanted to study in Australia, because it was closer to home, and they would allow me to work 20 hours a week while I was studying, which I thought was important for building my experience. When I found out about the University of Melbourne – it being the best in the country, and with Melbourne being one of the world’s most liveable cities – I knew it was where I wanted to study.”

The Master of Management (Marketing) provides foundation training in a variety of business and management disciplines, with specialist training in marketing. This course is about the means by which organisations attract and retain customers, including aspects of marketing, strategy, customer behaviour, branding, and international marketing.

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Thanchanok came to Australia eager to immerse herself in all the country had to offer, travelling up and down the east coast, experiencing Australia’s capital cities, environment, and wildlife.

“I’ve been to Adelaide, Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and even some parts of New Zealand,” she says. “I also love exploring Melbourne. It’s very different to living in Bangkok, I’m able to multitask here. At home, it’s really hard to get around, you go to work, then go home, and by the time you’ve managed that your whole day is gone. Here I can work, study, meet up with friends and go out all in one day.”

The transition to living and studying in Melbourne came with challenges as well, but Thanchanok says she found the University of Melbourne really supportive.

“It was hard for me to adapt at first, you’re here as an international student and you want to do everything yourself, but it can be kind of overwhelming. I was able to apply for a housing bursary and scholarships that really helped me, so I could focus on my studies without financial stress. It meant I was able to take on practical experiences like internships, and working with Medley Hall, a function space, where I was able to get marketing and events experience.”

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