Studying online: your top 5 questions answered

By AnnMaree Murray

Melbourne Business School is offering the Graduate Certificate in Business. This course is offered 100% online in full-time and part-time modes.

We all know there are many benefits to online learning like the flexibility and convenience to choose when and how you study, but what about the other questions people have when researching the best online business course for them? In creating the Graduate Certificate in Business, Melbourne Business School wanted to make sure they had your main questions answered:

1. Am I receiving the same quality of education online as I would in person?

This should be your number 1 priority when researching online programs, no matter which discipline.

Students in the Graduate Certificate in Business, will learn from and connect with world class academics from the Faculty of Business and Economics, the same ones who teach our on-campus courses.

The course content is tailored to suit the unique online environment, to ensure it is relevant and up to date, and behind the scenes our academics collaborate with a team of learning experts and technicians, using innovative technologies, to build and support the delivery of the tailored content.

With a ratio of 1 lecturer for every 20 students and course enrolment capped at 150 equivalent full time students per year, the Graduate Certificate in Business (online) is a high quality program that is demanding on our resources and not intended for mass production. Professor Nasser Spear, Deputy Dean, Melbourne Business School

Professor Nasser Spear

2. Will I have a chance to interact and engage with lecturers and other students?

The Graduate Certificate in Business has been designed to offer you opportunities for real-time interaction and feedback from your teachers and fellow students, including:

  • Delivery of rich instructional materials
  • Regular live webinars and interaction through discussion forums
  • One-on-one opportunities to address specific questions and provide guidance about what is required of you in terms of participation and assessment
  • Regular feedback on your progress.

The engaging and dynamic online learning platform allows you to connect with peers and academics across the globe and allows us to bring world experts directly to you, anytime, anywhere.

3. How much time will it take up?

The Graduate Certificate in Business online comprises 4 foundation subjects which provide introductory studies in a range of business disciplines including finance, accounting, economics and management. You can select 4 from a range of 6 subjects. The estimated time commitment for each subject is between 15-19 hours per week, over an intensive 8-week term. Subjects can be done in any order over 6 months full-time or 12 months part-time and there are two intakes per year in January and July.

4. Will employers regard my qualification the same as one received on campus?

Online learning has become increasingly prevalent in classrooms over the last decade. Most recent graduates will have had some experience in the virtual environment through online lectures, videos, online interactions, social media etc.  As today’s graduates become tomorrow’s leaders online education will continue to advance and gain acceptance.

A IEEE Spectrum article ‘What Do Employers Really Think About Online Degrees?’ explains that employers first and foremost value graduates from select-entry, highly regarded institutions, and the distinction between online and on-campus degrees diminishes. You will receive the same graduation certification (testamur) as an on-campus student.

Students who successfully complete the Graduate Certificate in Business will gain a 100% online standalone foundation business qualification and may be eligible to progress to the Master of Management suite of programs, delivered on-campus, resulting in a hybrid learning model.

The course is suited both to professionals seeking a foundation knowledge in business, as well domestic and international students looking for a flexible pathway to a Master of Management degree. Professor Nasser Spear, Deputy Dean, Melbourne Business School

5. What if I need help?

All online students will be fully supported throughout, from your initial expression of interest to graduation.

The Learning Management System (LMS) is the university’s online learning classroom where you will access your subjects’ learning materials and resources, connect with academics and interact with peers via online discussions.

Our dedicated online Student Support Consultants are available via phone, email and live chat to provide the support you need, when you need it, like:

  • Enrolment and subject assistance
  • Administrative logistics and fee options
  • Technical support, including a welcome orientation webinar, regular health checks, and technical support during live webinars
  • Online learning skills and workload management
  • Special circumstances.

The student services and resources that on-campus students enjoy are all available too.  With help for everything from technical support to health and well-being, we’ve got you covered.

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