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Winona Horton

Published: 14 Sep 2018 under Students

Winona Horton’s Amazing Race

The Dawn Wade Scholarship offers financial support and the opportunity to live at residential college International House (IH) to high-achieving, rural students transitioning into study at the University of Melbourne. It’s an initiation into a global community that stays with you long after graduation. We caught up with current Bachelor of Commerce student, Winona Horton, about how receiving the scholarship has impacted her so far.

Jack group

Published: 31 Jul 2018 under Students

Jack Dalrymple - on taking his voice to the OECD

For most of us, institutions like the United Nations and the OECD exist in a sphere far removed from our day-to-day lives. In some ways, they seem impenetrable, and surreal, and for students chasing a future with one of these organisations, the path to their doors is far from clear. The Global Voices Scholarship gives students, like Jack Dalrymple, a chance to visit and connect with these organisations, fostering practical, hands-on experience for our future leaders.

Simone single shot

Published: 25 Jul 2018 under Student Enrichment

Entrepreneurial influences with Simone James

When entering university, many students are advised over and over to network. It doesn’t come easy to some, and this was definitely the case for Bachelor of Commerce student Simone James. Now, on the brink of her graduation, Simone has a wealth of experiences under her belt, both in Australia and abroad, most recently at Stanford University. We sat down to talk start-ups and how networking and a growth mindset has opened up a myriad of opportunities and experiences.

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