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Published: 23 Sep 2019 under Student Enrichment

Inside the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative

The University of Melbourne’s student clubs are one of the community’s most fundamental building blocks. They offer students a breadth of opportunities to add to their university experience, to make friends, develop skills, and begin building a professional network that will stay with them into their careers. The Melbourne Microfinance Initiative (MMI) offers its members a unique experience: the chance to have a real-world, social impact, both locally and internationally. We spoke with MMI President Jeanette Chan and GMCC Director Nina Lo to find out more.

The team

Published: 07 May 2019 under Accounting

The Magic of Muesli

When you think about the role of accountants, you’re much more likely to think calculators and spreadsheets than muesli. However, the applications of accounting extend to tables beyond Excel, like breakfast, and the boardroom. The ERPSim Asia Pacific Japan Cup simulates a real-world working experience for accounting students. This year, teams from the University of Melbourne took out the top two spots in the regional challenge, before going on to become international champions!

Sunset in New Delhi

Published: 08 Apr 2019 under Student Enrichment

The Scenic Route

It’s a well-used metaphor, but there’s no doubt that higher education is a journey. For some it’s a fast track, high school, university and on to a career. For others, there’s something to be gained by taking the scenic route. For Nick Johnson, the scenic route offered an alternate entry pathway into the University of Melbourne, and on to international experience in New Colombo Plan funded International Business Experience study tour of India.

Barry Story Build

Published: 02 Apr 2019 under Student Enrichment; Finance

The Number Narrative

When we think of Finance and Economics, there’s often a very formulaic response – we imagine data and spreadsheets – but to be successful you have to think outside the Excel box. It’s not just about the numbers. For BCom Student Barry Zhang the narrative is just as important. His experience in the Management Consulting subject, working with HASSELL Architecture and Design firm gave him the chance to build a new narrative, and understand the full scope of management consulting.

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