Professor Peter Bossaerts elected to Academy of Social Sciences

The Faculty’s Professor Peter Bossaerts has been elected as a New Fellow in the prestigous Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA).

The ASSA promotes excelence in the social sciences in Australia and in their contribution to public policy.

The Distinguished Professor to the Faculty of Business and Economics pioneered the use of controlled experimentation (with human participants) in the study of financial markets, and used decision theory and game theory to shed light on important issues in cognitive neuroscience.

Professor Bossaerts is one of 46 Australian social sicientists elected to the ASSA and one of ten at the University of Melbourne. The University’s Provost Margaret Sheil recently congratulated the newly-elected fellows.

The 2017 Fellows from the University of Melbourne are world-experts in their respective fields and demonstrate our strength in the social sciences. Professor Margaret Sheil

The New Fellows of the Academy will be formally welcolmed and inducted at a symposium in Adelaide next month.