Professor Jeff Borland, Economic Society of Australia Distinguished Fellow 2020

Congratulations to Professor Jeff Borland who has been named the 2020 recipient of the Distinguished Fellow Award by the Economic Society of Australia.

The award honours Australian economists for their contribution to the development of economics. Professor Borland is recognised for his broad engagement inside and outside of academia on labour economics, child development, education and policy issues.

Jeff Borland completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne and holds a Master’s and PhD degree from Yale University.

A member of the Department of Economics at the University of Melbourne since 1988, Jeff is a well-loved lecturer and colleague. He was Head of the Department of Economics from 2003 to 2006, and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce from 2007 to 2009. Voted by fellow alumni, Professor Borland was awarded the Alumni of Distinction Award for outstanding contribution to Faculty or University in 2015 and has received a variety of teaching excellence awards for his unwavering commitment to his students and education. He is currently the Truby Williams Professor of Economics at the University of Melbourne.

Jeff Borland
Professor Jeff Borland

Professor Borland has made significant contributions to research, practice and policy related to the Australian labour market and program evaluation. His research includes analyses of the impact of employment and social programs for jobseekers, homeless individuals and children from vulnerable backgrounds. He has been published in leading refereed international journals and his work is widely cited.

His career demonstrates a commitment to advancing policy, as well as the public understanding of economics. He produces a monthly labour market snapshot aimed at informing a broad audience on a variety of labour market topics. He has been a consultant to, and undertaken contract research on labour market and other economic issues government departments and agencies including the OECD, IMF, New Zealand Treasury, Productivity Commission, Fair Work Commission, ACCC and Commonwealth Departments of Employment, Health and Family and Community Services. In 2018 he was appointed by the Minister for Jobs and Small Business as a member of the Expert Panel to review and make recommendations on the employment services system in Australia. In the same year he was a member of the consultation group formed by the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to make recommendations on revised employment targets for the Closing the Gap Targets.

Professor Paul Kofman, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, says the award is an important acknowledgment of Professor Borland’s ongoing commitment to research and education in economics.

“Jeff is mentor to both his students and his colleagues and highly respected for his expertise among academics, practitioners and policy makers. He is truly deserving of this award, joining some of the most influential and outstanding economists in Australia,” says Professor Kofman.