Preparing for an international career

Asia is more likely than any other country to be part of your future working life. Business professionals of tomorrow benefit from experiencing the intricacies of international business practices as part of their study.

Students experienced lectures at NCCU

We exist in a global world, and to succeed you need to understand how to engage with different cultures. Twenty-one students recently spent time at Taiwan’s National Chengchi University (NCCU) as part of the Faulty of Business and Economics’ International Business Experience. The program encourages undergraduates to increase their knowledge of the Indo- Pacific and gain a better understanding of how business is conducted internationally.

Experts on Asia’s economic trends and emerging industries presented to the students, while company visits allowed firsthand experience of the business culture in Taiwan. Students were paired with an NCCU buddy who introduced Taiwanese history, culture, lifestyle, and a lot of fun.

This was truly a worthwhile experience. I could develop meaningful relationships, mull over cultural differences and unfold fresh perspectives. I am still in contact with many of our Taiwanese buddies over social media.  Ho Ching Dickson Chan
The trip included a visit to a tea farm

“The short visit to East Asia has given the students a higher level of confidence in connecting with the region” says Lauren Johnston, subject coordinator. “A range of classes on Taiwan's economy and business environment are enhanced with an extraordinary array of social activities and tours around the island. For students with a Chinese background and those whom have never set foot in Asia, NCCU leads what is an incredibly transformative and very fun study tour.”

The IBE trip to Taiwan was an incredibly unique experience and one I certainly will not forget. I am certain that I will use what I learned on the trip in my future career endeavours. Daniel Jovanovski

The Faculty of Business and Economics works in partnership with specific universities globally to develop and deliver the subject content. The overseas experience is typically two to three weeks in duration. All assessment tasks are determined and graded by the University of Melbourne subject co-ordinator.

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