Milan to Melbourne

By Seth Robinson

Master of Management student Arianna Oioli always knew she wanted to visit Australia. From her first visit she knew it was somewhere she wanted to study and live long term, so she made it happen. Now, she’s made a home for herself on the other side of the globe.

Arianna grew up in Milan, where she attended university and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management. But the travel bug bit Arianna early, and before enrolling in her undergraduate studies she spent time living in Ireland, where she interned with Costa Coffee and learned to speak English.

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“I entered a high-school competition and won the opportunity to go and intern in Ireland. Initially it was supposed to be a two-month internship – with the first couple of weeks being English lessons, and then six weeks working – but then they offered me a job. I had the choice to go back to Italy and hang out with my friends, or to stay in Ireland on my own, get some work experience, and hone my English. So, I decided to stay for a year.”

- Arianna Oioli

A year later, Arianna returned to Italy and began her undergraduate studies, but her desire to go abroad was still strong. During the summer break between her second and third years, she travelled to Melbourne for another internship – this time with Caliper Australia – and to see Australia, somewhere she had always wanted to visit.

“I don’t know what it was about Australia, but I always wanted to go, ever since I was a little kid. I came, and I loved Melbourne so much, I knew I wanted to come here long term. I had to go back to Italy and finish my assessments, but I was already thinking about coming to the University of Melbourne for my Master’s degree.”

Arianna went back to Milan and began the application process for study at Melbourne Business School. She applied for, and received a merit scholarship, then broke the news that she was moving half-way around the world to her parents.

“They knew I wanted to come to Australia, but I don’t think they liked the idea of me moving away,” she laughs. “I waited to tell them until I’d been accepted. They actually came to visit me over the summer. I was nervous at first, I wasn’t sure if my Dad would like it, but they had a great time! I took them on a tour of the campus, and he was excited and taking pictures like a kid. He loved the city, and he said he was happy that I’m here.”

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Now, Arianna is into the final year of her studies, and has joined the Melbourne Business School Student Association (MBSSA) as an event coordinator. In the coming weeks, she’ll be running an event on building your personal brand, helping students to develop working world essentials.

“It’s things like letting students know how to do a good resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn account. It’s been great, I’ve not done anything like this before, and I think those skills are really important. It’s not a huge event, but there will be some speakers, and resources available. It’s great being part of that community.”