Where are they now? Alumni Profile: Michelle Ho

Michelle Ho completed a Bachelor of Environments (Architecture) before undertaking a Master of Management (Marketing) at Melbourne Business School (MBS). During her time at MBS, she was actively involved in the Melbourne Business School Student Association (MBSSA) and the Career Mentoring Program. In 2016, she was also part of a student team that travelled to Malaysia on the Global Business Practicum.

Where did you work whilst on the Global Business Practicum (GBP)?

I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and worked at BlueScope Lysaght. My team worked on a digital app project. Completing a project at a manufacturing company complemented my studies and skills at the time, in architecture and marketing.

Describe your GBP experience in 3 words:

Challenging, rewarding and eye-opening.

Where are you working now?

I currently work in the advertising industry in GTB (Global Team Blue) – Ford Motor Company’s dedicated full-service agency. I started there as an Account Executive in May 2017, during my final semester of the Master of Management (Marketing).

It was hectic balancing university lectures, group assignments and full-time work, but it was definitely worth it! My current position as an Account Executive sees me coordinating and managing a wide variety of projects – anything from TV commercials to sponsorship events. It has been rewarding to work with clients with diverse requirements, and seeing projects through from the insight to the creative execution.

- Michelle Ho.

Did your experience on the GBP influence your career path?

My experience on the GBP taught me a lot about working on a customer-centric project. We spent a considerable amount of time interviewing architects and builders, to obtain customer insights which would inform our recommendations.

I was fascinated by the ‘why’ and being able to create something out of those insights was rewarding. My time on the GBP cemented my desire to work in marketing, which essentially is about creating and communicating value for the customer. My current work in advertising has showed me the importance of keeping the customer in the centre of what we do.

Do you have any advice for students going on the GBP?

Embrace the journey! You’ll be in a different country, working on an interesting project with students from different disciplines – it might seem hectic and challenges are bound to arise, but you’re only there for two weeks, so make the most of it. It is through these experiences outside of your comfort zone that you grow the most.

Why get involved in out-of-class activities like student clubs or the mentoring program?

These extra-curriculars (including the GBP) were the highlight of my time at university! I met so many interesting people and had the opportunity to organise events for my peers. It provided more meaning to my time at university, and showed me the power of communication, being curious and teamwork – all skills I draw upon in my current career.

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