Learning online - can it work?

Choosing to advance your career with study shouldn't be a compromise. Your choice of provider should be based on the best available, rather than what you can work into your already hectic schedule. Is online learning the answer?

Recognising today’s professionals face a number of different and competing demands on their time, the team at Melbourne Business School have developed an online program that delivers a summary of the latest development trends and techniques. The Graduate Certificate in Business is a 100% online course, designed to facilitate learning in digestible segments without compromising on quality and content.  Inaugural students are maximising the opportunities available to engage with their lecturers and each other.

“The discussion boards are a phenomenal tool” says lecturer Brad Potter. “I think people are used to connecting in a virtual environment – many of us already use it in our everyday business – I believe it’s creating an environment where everyone is getting an opportunity to collaborate with other students.”

Brad Potter

The online course is not a replication of the face-to-face delivery, content has been redesigned for the new learning environment.  New technologies have allowed interesting and interactive presentations to be the developed.

Top Tips for maximising your online learning:

  • Get better at time management. Give yourself the best chance of staying on track by arranging your priorities so you can strike the right balance between home, work and university life.
  • Integrate your own work context into your learning.  Test what you are learning at work and test your work in your learning. Share your experience and ‘crowd source’ ideas from tutors, peers and colleagues.
  • Engage with your tutor and peers. You are learning (and teaching) with other students and not just from a computer. Participate in webinars, tutorials and discussion boards.  See it as a learning conversation and dialogue, not just as posting a comment to meet the assessment criteria.
  • Reach out if you need help.  Our Online Student Support Consultants are available via phone, email and live chat to provide the support you need, when you need.

Interested in gaining specialist expertise to grow your career?  Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Business.