Hear all about it

By Kavindra Iddawela

In 2019, the Students’ Association of Management and Marketing (SAMM) is going above and beyond to become a leading media hub.

For SAMM, 2019 was going to be the year of stellar content (amongst other things, too, but more on that another time). With the launch of the revamped SAMMPress in 2018, SAMM’s in-house online publication, our online growth has been steadily progressing. Thus, in a similar fashion, we decided that it was only fitting to introduce another content format: podcasting.

We wanted to give our members and the wider Melbourne University community an additional touch point to inspire debate, discussion, to hear about industry news in the world of marketing and management and how it links to students and their university life. In other words, it’s another stepping stone in creating a substantive foundation to prepare them for life after grad. You can even consider it relaxing entertainment that promises to keep you in the loop and sound well-read to your peers (bitcoin, anyone?).

These podcasts, aptly titled SAMMCast, run for half an hour, and cover a plethora of topics ranging from ‘digital marketing skills every student should harness’ to ‘what makes things go viral’ and ‘how to create a successful side hustle’. Be on the lookout for more topics during the semester on ‘what the future of workplace wellness will look like for us’ and ‘how to go big and land a job marketing events like the Grand Prix’. These podcasts feature industry experts, alumni, professors – and we also sneak in a good laugh or two to keep the spirits high while the semester toughens up.

Our first couple of episodes are live! Listeners can jump on to Spotify or the SAMMPress website to check them out! Episodes are published every few weeks and if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll be the first to know when a new one is out (shameless plug)!

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