Global Management Consulting: Davira Chairunnisa in Kuala Lumpur

By Davira Chairunnisa

Davira Chairunnisa travelled to Kuala Lumpur on the Global Management Consulting (GMC) subject in the Bachelor of Commerce. She worked in a student group to complete a project for Linfox Malaysia in November 2018

‘Stepping out of our comfort zone is the best way to grow.’ This statement reflects my experience of two weeks spent working in an overseas country, with different backgrounds and cultures. With so many lessons learnt, and knowledge gained, enrolling in GMC was one of the best decisions I’ve made at University so far!

In-company experience

I was honoured to consult for Linfox Malaysia together with my team to evaluate Linfox's fleet utilisation based on analysis of their key customers. The project was challenging for our team due to the unfamiliarity of the logistics industry, yet we valued our time working at Linfox.

Davira Chairunnisa
-Davira Chairunnisa

On my team’s first day, we had a tour of the office and were introduced to Linfox employees. Everyone was friendly and welcomed us warmly to the office. After this, the country manager explained our project and communicated his expectations to the team.

As part of the project requirements, we were required to visit external customer sites.  The site visits allowed my team to view the supply-chain segment in operation, which gave us an additional perspective on the industry. It also turned out to be a highlight for me because our team did some qualitative research onsite, allowing us to have a discussion with Linfox personnel. I enjoyed this most as I love meeting and communicating with new people.

Conducting site visits

My team had to depart at 5.00am one morning to conduct interviews with truck drivers and the sole scheduler from Linfox. When conducting site visits, we were amazed by the seamless integration between Linfox’s drivers, schedulers and customers, where each of them were proficient in their roles and ran an efficient operation process.

I enjoyed hearing about driver experiences in their current occupation. The information was helpful for our project, but on a personal level their diligence inspired me to appreciate everything I have. The drivers worked long hours to provide for their families and I saw the importance of family to them. These external site visits affected me deeply and I will never forget them.

Skills gained

I learnt how crucial teamwork and effective communication were in producing results. My team set our objectives at the beginning of the project and allotted ourselves individual daily tasks. Furthermore, communication between the team and our client was well maintained. By applying these skills during the project, we were able to generate productivity and work efficiently. In the end, it was a pleasure for us to present our findings and recommendations which were received well by our client.

Outside work

Besides working at Linfox on my project, I made new friends. We went out for dinner at restaurants offering delicious and inexpensive food. My roommate and I visited markets in the area surrounding KL since we both love shopping. Our hotel was amazing! Located near the central area of KL gave us easy access to shopping malls, restaurants, and supermarkets. Our hotel also offered one of the best roti canais I’ve ever tasted, which was included each day for breakfast.

What’s next?

My team is currently working on our final report which will be submitted to Linfox. As team members are from different countries, we are communicating remotely over the summer period.

Having an opportunity to apply my knowledge in a real-life industry made GMC a remarkable experience. I learnt that in consulting, I would have to quickly adapt and respond to unexpected circumstances. Whilst challenging, this is a valuable lesson for my future career. Lastly, I feel inspired to become a better person.

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