Global Business Practicum: Hong Kong January 2017

Lori (Xue) Han, Master of Management (Accounting and Finance)
Lori (Xue) Han, Master of Management (Accounting and Finance)

I expected to learn a lot from the practicum; including soft skills like corporate behaviour, leadership, teamwork skills, and to learn more about myself and my potential future career path. My three other team members came from different countries and different educational backgrounds. Our team completed a research based project for PwC Hong Kong, which focused on improving community based elderly care services in Hong Kong.

My teamwork skills were greatly improved over the two weeks of the practicum as I learnt to trust my team members. Instead of interpreting all the information individually and then discussing and comparing with each other, we divided the work early so that each of us was responsible for a particular section. I also realised the importance of time management and task allocation in team projects. This was ultimately very efficient and we delivered our presentation according to schedule.

The Global Business Practicum program is a unique opportunity offered by the University of Melbourne and I was extremely lucky to be a part of it. Lori (Xue) Han

The PwC working environment was very friendly, supportive and flexible. The employees were generally bilingual and many had studied overseas.

After work my teammates and I explored Hong Kong, looking for the best restaurants – which is not hard to do at all! By the end of our time in country there were still many places we wanted to go.

I enjoyed working with such a high degree of freedom in a consultancy environment. We had a strong sense of satisfaction in knowing that our recommendations may improve the wellbeing of Hong Kong’s elderly community. The Global Business Practicum was a valuable learning experience and a fun and exciting journey.

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