FBE Teaching Excellence Awards 2016

Each year, The Williams Centre of Learning Advancement recognises and rewards the valuable contribution of teachers in Business and Economics through the Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards.

Paul Kofman, Dean of Business and Economics, and Angela Paladino, Director, Williams Centre for Learning Advancement, the University of Melbourne recently announced the 2016 award recipients who were formally presented their awards at a celebratory dinner on Tuesday 29th November.

We spoke to these inspiring teachers to ask them about the teaching motivation and methods they attribute to enhancing student learning and find out what advice they have for future nominees.

  • Austin Headhsot
    Austin Chia, Department of Management and Marketing: Recipient of the Carol Johnson Teaching Excellence Award.
  • The Carol Johnson Teaching Excellence Award recognises the excellent learning opportunities you foster with students in our faculty. What is the one teaching method you have found motivates your students’ learning the most?

    Learning is an inherently social and relational process. In my teaching, I place a strong emphasis on creating an environment whereby students are able to form positive and meaningful relationships with each other. I actively engage contemplative inquiry approaches to help students develop the confidence to trust in their own ability to think critically and to be able to draw on those abilities to construct sense and meaning from social context around them.

    What advice would you give to future award nominees?

    Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the application.

  • Titus Headshot
    Titus Ng, Department of Management and Marketing: Recipient of the Dean’s Excellence in Tutoring Award.
  • The Dean’s Excellence in Tutoring Award recognises the valuable tutoring support and participation you provide undergraduate and graduates students. How do you actively engage students in tutorials in a way that makes a positive difference to their learning?

    The body and mind is one. The mind opens up more when the body is active. I try to get the students to move their bodies, through different ways such as group and paired discussions, stand-up reviews, writing on the board, raising their hands, Kahoot, taking notes, and gallery walk.

    What advice would you give to future award nominees?

    Try something new each semester – an activity, technology or method.

  • Jeff Headshot
    Jeff Borland, Department of Economics:  Recipient of the Ross Williams Career Achievement Award in Teaching (FBE) Award.
  • The Ross Williams Career Achievement in Teaching (FBE) Award has tonight rewarded you for your contribution to teaching within Business and Economics. How have you promoted learning excellence for students of the faculty throughout your career?

    I have based my teaching around the idea of students learning how to apply economic concepts and methods. I always say at the start of any subject I can teach 'If at the end of this subject all you can do is reproduce the concepts and models from the textbook then I will have failed. This sign of success is that you are able to apply those concepts and methods to understand the economy and assist you working in business and government.’

    What advice would you give to future award nominees?

    Reflect on your teaching and find ways to improve the learning environment for students.

  • Wasana
    Wasana Karunarathne, Department of Economics: Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (Level A/B Category).
  • The Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching is rewarded for the very best teaching in the Faculty and excellence in student learning outcomes. What techniques and initiatives do you employ that is so motivational for students?

    Students are motivated for learning when they know what they learn in the class are relevant and are actively engaged in the learning process. I make sure to give students a clear idea of the importance of what they learn and to use real word examples to show them how they could use the techniques they learn in the class into practice. I promote student engagement in their learning through student-cantered teaching approach, facilitating students to engage in frequent classroom activities, cooperative and collaborative work, discussions, and self-reflective exercises.

    What advice would you give to future award nominees?

    Be a role model, your passion motivates your students for learning.